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The module for "Information Visualization II" was a 5 week module anchored by Professor Venkatesh Rajamanickam. We had lectures from a a few visiting faculties during this module which turned out to be very helpful for our related assignments. 


Information Taxonomy

In this section we studied information classification systems ranging from classical to contemporary. Each student was assigned a reading and we were to understand the key ideas and present it in the form of a paper.
Please click on the image below to download my paper which is a brief discussion of Immanuel Kant's Schema Theory (Critique of Pure Reason)


Information Encoding

In this section we read a series of Nature articles called 'Points of View' on visualization strategies. The deliverable for the module was a short paper summarizing our individual topics with examples.
Please click on the image below to download my paper on Color Coding.


My first Interactive Visualization

This module was undertaken by Prof. VenkateshProf. Chakradhar S. and Sridhar Pabbisetty (visiting faculty). 
It started off with sessions on Data Analysis by Sridhar P. This was followed by an assignment which required us to make an Interactive Visualization.
The Brief of the assignment was to pick a data set of our choice and create an “INTERACTIVE” visualization for it. Since the module started with learning various Data Analysis techniques, we had to pick a data set sufficiently large to apply these techniques.

VISUALIZING MESSAGE INBOX came out as my topic for this module. My visualization aimed at representing messages received in my phone for the duration of almost an year. I started using D3 for this project (still in progress) as my presentation medium.

Click on the link below to see the mock up and documentation of the project
or view the demo video below


Geovisualization Workshop

This workshop was all about maps! The exercises ranged from working on Illustrator to using cartography softwares like Tilemill, JOSM and QGIS... 
Arun Ganesh, who conducted this workshop for us is an alumni of National Institute of Design. Along with the geovisualization workshop, we had informal sessions with Arun where he shared his experiences.

We first did a schematic map, where I chose to create a schematic map of the route map of Palace on Wheels.

Click here to go through my process of creating the above schematic map.

Next we explored QGIS, where we ended up creating a terrain map for India.


So that was all for the Information Visualization 2 module!
To know whats cooking for our "Design Project" follow the link below

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